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Frequently Asked Questions

How will the sealing system improve my comfort levels?

Typically a sliding sash window has gaps of 3 mm around the perimeter to permit the sliding of the sashes. In an average sized window these gaps are equivalent to a hole nearly 6 inches square.

The perimeter sealing system eliminates these gaps, thereby improving temperature control and comfort levels.

How long does it take?

This depends on the size and condition of the windows. Generally one man can overhaul, repair and install draught proofing to one window per day. text.

Is there much disruption during installation?

It is inevitable that some disruption will occur due to noise, dust and opening to the elements. However, we take great care to ensure the minimum of mess and inconvenience. Dust sheets will be used wherever work is being carried out and we will tidy and vacuum each room on completion.

Will my property be secure during the work?

At the end of each day windows are left either completed or fully secure.

Can you double glaze my windows?

No, unfortunately the original sashes were not build to take the weight or glass thickness of a double glazed unit. We recommend replacing the sashes with bespoke double glazed replacements. These will be fitted into the existing sash box to save additional cost and disruption.

How do I know what repairs my windows need?

We offer a free survey, we will visit your home and inspect your windows and supply you with a detailed window by window report.

Which areas do you travel to?

We cover Essex, Suffolk and surrounding areas. Please get in touch if you’re not sure whether we can call to your area.